Unlimited SMS In The World.

with over 200 + Country.

SMS Blast

Advertise to mobile users at play or work. Most people read an SMS as soon as it is received. Our network sends out between 80,000 to 100,000 SMS per day. SMS Blast will allow you to attach your advertisment 30 character or less across our system. Several packages are available with the lowest being $.004 per SMS. SMS options will allow us to setup your campaign based on date and time.

Blast 10: 10,000 Messages, $.01 = $100

Blast 20: 20,000 Messages, $.009 = $180

Blast 40: 40,000 Messages, $.008 = $320

Blast 60: 60,000 Messages, $.006 = $360

Blast 80: 80,000/+ Messages, $.005 = $400/+

SMS Marketing

Whether it is a new product launch, an online/offline store opening or a political campaign. SMS Marketing can reach 10's of thousands of mobile users fast! Mobile marketing is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to reach out to your audience. With penny marketing you can't afford to miss out on this great way to generate traffic and sales.

Penny Marketing: $.015 Per Message, Minimum 10,000 Messages

SMS Gateway

The Gateway is the way to go if you have a lot of bulk SMS to send and want full control of your SMS Flow. The Gateway will allow you to also sell SMS per message or in bulk. The Gateway is a SIM hosted solution, allowing you to send bulk SMS for a low flate rate to over 200 countries. This is a great solution for, SMS resellers, free SMS sites, SMS notifications for social networking sites and more.

SMS Gateway: $330 per month

Single Port; Additional ports available

Speed: 5 SMS per minute with delivery report; 10 SMS per minute

without delivery report

SMS Ports: $300 per month

Speed: Each additional port will increase send speed x1 i.e. a 3

port Gateway will send 15 or 30 SMS per minute


A very cost effective solution for free SMS sites and driving traffic to your site. The API is a shared system so delivery speed will very depending on usage volume. The API is great for a small startup site and will allow you to grow into a Gateway.

Starter API: $120 per month

Ability to send upto 30,000 SMS per month

Basic API: $220 per month

Ability to send upto 65,000 SMS per month

Pro API: $420 per month

Ability to send upto 140,000 SMS per month